My Portrait


From his childhood, he showed an interest in graphic expression (this caused quite a few headaches to his mother when he decided the walls of his home made a good canvas.) In addition, he soon discovered a new passion in Computer Learning, noting that his first experience was with Commodore.

As he continued drawing, he completed some IT courses, maintaining a connection between art and science. Among other courses he studied:

  • Bachelor's Degree in IT Engineering
  • Design and Engraving Monographs

Upon completion of his Bachelor in Information Technology, he started a career as a programmer, working in client/server architectures.

In 2001 he decided to switch his professional career. Guided by his graphic intuition, he delved in the world of design through studies in digital design, one being Ubic.

Due to the quality of his work and focus of these studies, he soon joined Draftfcb.

Fully committed to graphic design, advertising and the Internet, he has worked during the past 12 years for highly recognized brands such as:

  • Altisource
  • Bose
  • Land Rover
  • BMW
  • Tempur
  • Loewe
  • 3M

Characterized by his dedication to work, he's able to deal with several projects as the same time, and with a keen focus on client and company image, make them succeed.

Adobe CS


Axure RP




Manga Studio




3D Studio Max

Visual Design

Due to his natural tendency to communicate through visual language, he's not a pure UX designer, but a pursuer of neatness and high fidelity when it comes to producing mockups.

He's also a design artifact enthusiast, and deeply believes that paying too much attention to patterns or navigation is never too much.

Interaction Design

How does it feel to push that button?

That's one common question he asks himself while building prototypes. He likes to put himself in other's shoes so he's able to use different mental models and understand the sensations of the user who is interacting with the product.

Graphic Design

With an innate intuition and researching the latest trends, he is able to deliver his projects with maturity, strength, fluidity and freshness.

American clients appreciate his European flair & vision that addresses their branding with dynamism and elegance.

Web Design

From his use of tables for creating web page layouts (experience that is valuable to code HTML for emailing) and through the strict systems of usability and the new way to understand the World Wide Web, he has always been defined by his high level of attention to detail.

Motion Graphics

His vast experience with old predominant Flash Website tendencies and his interest in traditional animation, as well as keen expertise on Flash banners, make him adept in Motion Graphics. Today, he goes through HTML5, CSS3, Gsap or even pure javascript to make the world animated.


Simplicity, practicality, consistency, uniqueness, memorability, content, adaptation and sustainability describe his principles when developing a brand. His motto: less is more.


He recalls a childhood memory of holding a pencil in his hand, and from that moment, drawing, illustrating and painting have been part of his daily life. He has several painting awards and has made illustrations for brands such as Mini, Sarrio and Loewe. An exhibit of his drawings took place in May, 2014 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.


In 2000-2002 he had the privilege of working with Draftfdb, leading marketing design agency. This allowed him to gain a unique and unforgettable experience of learning from some of the most important marketing gurus in his native country.


Let's admit it, He's probably not the most skilled developer ever. But he's still capable of building interactive prototypes, get ready HTML structures for developers, style all types of apps, and even create some simple video games using both modern tools like Unity, and also old-school Z80 processor assembly code.